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Prayer of St Joseph

23 March 2021
Prayer of St Joseph

Heavenly Father,
St Joseph set aside his own plans to embrace your dream for us.
You invited his help in caring for Jesus your Son, our Saviour,
and the Revealer of your wonderful love.
Enable us to live by your loving plan
and to reflect to the world the light of Christ.
St Joseph, man of dreams and trusting steward, pray for us.


Lord Jesus,
You grew in wisdom and maturity
as you lived in the family of Nazareth
in daily communion with St Joseph and Mary your mother.
From St Joseph you learned the dignity of human work.
Give parents the wisdom to support their children
and to guide them in the way and work of your Kingdom.
St Joseph, faithful parent and diligent worker, pray for us.


Creator Spirit,
We see in St Joseph a tenderness and reverence for all your creation.
We learn from him to approach others justly and tenderly,
and to see our world as endowed with the glory of God.
Teach us to love one another
and to be of humble service to all of creation,
empowered by your life within us.
St Joseph, wise protector and humble servant, pray for us.


Image: Saint Joseph and the Christ by Bartolomé Esteban Murillo (1617–1682)